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The history of the family business DEPRAG SCHULZ GMBH & CO. goes back to the establishment of the Bavarian Rifle Factory in 1801. The company was already well-known at that time for combining outstanding technical expertise with manufacturing and developing state-of-the-art products. This industrial experience was utilised in the production of tools, measuring gauges, machinery and for the first time, small air operated machines when the company was integrated into the “Deutsche Werke” conglomerate in 1918. From these beginnings mechanical engineer Otto Schulz created the “DEutsche PRäzisionswerkzeug AG” in 1931 and began production of handheld air tools.

In the 50s and 60s DEPRAG enjoyed a very successful period of growth. In 1964 Dipl.-Ing. Carl Schulz, together with his brother-in-law Hans Pfeiffer, took over the management of the company and set the trend for international expansion. A further milestone was achieved in the global orientation of the company in 1981 with the foundation of US subsidiary DEPRAG INC in Lewisville, Texas.

Today, after 87 years of the family business, DEPRAG SCHULZ GMBH & CO. is managed by the third generation of the Schulz-Hallmann family and by the Pfeiffer family.

Worldwide partner for complete solutions

DEPRAG has production facilities in Germany, the Czech Republic and China as well as distribution and service subsidiaries in France, Sweden, the USA and United Kingdom. We have a network of exclusive partners in every important industrial country of the world, and are always close at hand for our globally operating clients. Our customers benefit from the entire technical knowledge of our experts combined with the regional experience of our local representatives. Solutions are successfully developed and then quickly and reliably passed on through our worldwide production locations.

Our 700 dedicated employees worldwide support you with full service solutions for all your production and assembly challenges.

Products: Tools and solutions from specialists

  • Screwdriving Technology: We provide superior technology in all product areas. Our screwdriving technology solutions benefit from the extreme torque accuracy of our shut-off clutch and the renowned robust and reliable design of all our screwdrivers. Screwdriving perfection is our guiding principle and we command undisputed market leadership in many applications.

  • Automation: Our experience in assembly technology has enabled us to develop first-class solutions. Countless DEPRAG products, such as measuring instruments, controllers and in particular the successful feeding technology, are utilised in our customers’ applications. In conjunction with the long-standing experience of our project engineers, we produce assembly machines for a wide variety of client requirements.

  • Air motors: Today as ever, air motors are of utmost importance as a drive element for machines and equipment. As market leader in this field we provide an extremely versatile programme for the most varied of applications from the food industry to medical technology.

  • Air tools: Classic industrial tools such as grinding machines, drills and sheet metal tools are the roots of our company. High performance, reliability and outstanding ergonomic design are the distinguishing characteristics of DEPRAG tools.


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